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Real Easy™ Program

How does it work?

Step 1: Identify the items you want to take with you & we oversee the rest!

Step 2:  We gently handle all the “stuff” – pack it, move it, sell it, donate it or dispose of it.  We’re quick but careful as we know it holds special meaning to you.

Step 3:  We buy the home at fair market value maximizing your return while minimizing your time & effort.  It’s simple & painless because we use cash to purchase the home, waive the inspection & appraisal contingency, handle all the title & closing work and we move at your pace.  If it’s speed you want, we can oversee the entire process in as little as 2 weeks (additional fees may apply).

How do we do it?

After our Certified Halo Angel™ performs a thorough analysis of your situation, we offer solutions that support your goals for the home sale, the stuff, the timing, family concerns & much more!  The solutions are based on years of real-life experiences with clients just like you.  We also offer unique financial solutions such as bridge loans, that might make the move easier.  Finally, you can rest easy knowing all our service partners have been time tested & are well versed at serving senior age clients.

How much does it cost?

Prices as low as $1,495 but many of our clients pay NO AGENT FEES.   Your property transaction is always managed by a licensed Real Estate agent dedicated to serving seniors.  Remember, we move at your pace, so we propose a solution, provide a “net proceeds” summary, answer your questions & give you some space.  We know this is a bit overwhelming 😊

Let’s get started

* The “Real Easy™ program is not available in every market.

Financial Services

Often it can be finances that prevents a senior move when it’s needed. We can connect you with a HALO Certified Financial Services company that has many options to make a move work for you.

Home Repairs

Often to get a home ready to sell, it needs a little TLC to get the most dollars. We can connect you with a HALO Certified Home Repair company that’s perfect for your repair needs.

Elder Law Issues

There are many things to consider with a senior move. An elder law attorney can be extremely helpful during the process. We can connect you with a HALO Certified Elder Law attorney that can help.

Moving Coordination

With many companies that have to be involved with a move to a new location, it’s often helpful to have the experience of a company that has coordinated it all many times. We will connect you with a HALO Certified Moving Coordination company that you can trust.

Sorting/Packaging Services

One of the many time consuming pieces of a senior move is sorting and packing the things you want to take to your new place. We can connect you with a HALO Certified company that specializes in this work, and remove that burden for you.

Home Clean Outs

One of the finishing touches to any move is to remove all of the unwanted items so that the house can be cleaned to sell. This may mean many trips to places like Goodwill or the dump. We can connect you with a HALO Certified Clean Out company to complete that for you.

Estate Sales

When downsizing to a smaller place, estate sales often can be a great way to not only get rid of unwanted things, but also can generate some additional money for the move. We can connect you with a HALO Certified Estate Sales company to help.

Home Sales

Do you have a home to sell? One of the most challenging things for people to move into a new place is selling their old place. We put you in touch with a HALO Certified Realtor to get the job done right.


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